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Ocetá Moorland and the East of Boyacá

Ocetá Moorland and the East of Boyacá

Colombia is the country with the largest amount of bird species More than 1,800!

Join us on this Roadtrip to explore the east high mountains of Boyacá department, 4 hours by car from Bogotá.

This exploration will take us to a mountainous area at the north of Bogotá, in the east of the department of Boyacá, in which we will visit, some beautiful colonial towns like, Monguí, or Iza, an important monuments of the independence of Colombia like Pantano de Vargas or Boyacá bridge, the Tota Lagoon which is the second biggest in Latin America after Titicaca, and at last the Ocetá Moorland natural reserve.

This one is magical place, that is located at 3900mts above the sea level, three hours hiking away from Mongui, a Colonial well preserved town of the east of Boyacá; once sacred to the Muisca culture, today a natural heritage of the country, that holds amazing landscapes at the ¨Paramo¨, unique landscape of Colombia located above 3000mts above the sea level that contains a very special and dedicated type of vegetation which due to the height, the cold weather and the less oxygen level is lower, thicker and takes longer time to grow, creating a bonsai garden in a large amount of greens that includes the king of this vegetation, the Frailejon, a rare type of tree that only grows in the tropical ¨Paramo¨ land of Colombia and Venezuela, this one looks more like palm tree, and takes at least one year only to grow one centimetre.

This is a trip of 3 to 4 days, in which we can do hiking in to the Ocetá Paramo, visit the well preserved towns of, Monguí, Tota, Iza and the Total Lagoon located at 3000mts above the sea level.

Paramo of Oceta


Tota Lagoon




Overland Circuit

Colonial Towns

Vargas swamp

Páramo de Ocetá

Laguna de Tota


Circuito por tierra

Pantano de Vargas





Pueblos coloniales




We will Take you to:

  • Know and enjoy the picturesque and preserved colonial towns such as: Monguí, Firavitova, Iza, Tota, their traditions and their people.
  • Enjoy a trip by car, from Bogotá, through the Cundiboyacense plateau passing through smooth mountain roads, with pleasant cultivated landscapes.
  • Try the delicious gastronomy of Boyacá and learn about the peasant traditions of Muisca heritage.
  • Ascend to the Oceta paramo. A moor that is 3,900 m from Monguí and is considered the most beautiful in the world. We will be guided by local peasants who will tell us the mystical stories of the mountain.
  • Visit some important places of the colonial and republican history of Colombia such as: The Boyacá bridge, and the Vargas reservoir. Places where key battles for independence and the country’s formation process took place
  • Relax contemplating the Tota lagoon, the second largest lagoon in Latin America.
  • Delight yourself with Colombian traditions. Along the way, we will make stops to get to know the culture, you will taste local food, many fruits and you can take photos.    


4 days


All year


Rural or medium-class town hotel.
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