Three gems of the nature in Santander

Three Gems of the Nature in Santander

Las Ventanas de Tisquizoque- Peñón Caves- Guadalupe Rivers Hidden Secrets of Santander

Colombia's biodiversity can be equivalent to 20% of the planet's total

This is a 7 days’ adventure that will take us to enjoy one of the ultimate borders of the biodiversity in Colombia. We will do an exploration by the south-west part of Santander Department, to see one of the best well-kept secrets of the incredible nature of this department, located in 3 different towns: Florian: El Peñón and Guadalupe.

In this places we will visit, rivers, waterfalls, underground rivers, amazing fog and unique karstic forests.

The Second place after Florian will be: El Peñon, we will be there another two nights, a small town of only 500 inhabitants that host and spectacular landscape in its surroundings, is a karstic area, that host the biggest caves in Colombia, this place has an Andean mountain forest that is unique due to its mixture with the karstic formations that hides all the waters of the region underground.

To visit Guadalupe Santander, we have to deviate from the main road between Bucaramanga and Bogotá 24kms in Oiba. This place is a well preserved colonial style town surrounded by a less dramatically formed landscape, only having smooth hills, crossed by gentile rivers that looks like paved because the bottom is only one big rock in a reddish colour where the water will be carving with the pass of the years forming some pot holes like pools in which we can enjoy and relax. In this place we can do some easy hiking to visit the different waterfalls and rivers around the nice and kind town.

El Peñón




Karst Forests

Underground rivers

Natural Wells

Colonial Town




Puerto Inírida

Bruges Lagoon

river star

Atabapo River

Orinoco River

Mavecure Mountains

indigenous communities

Delfines Rosados

colored pipes

Amazon Jungle

We will Take you to:

  • Make an entertaining trip by land from Bogotá to Santander.
  • Delight yourself with Colombian traditions. Along the way, we will make stops to get to know the culture, you will taste local food, many fruits and you can take photos.
  • Visit the windows of Tisquizoque in the municipality of Florian. It is a waterfall of more than 300 meters high that breaks the stone mountain through a cave and falls in 3 scales in depth. You will be able to enjoy the view from the mouth of the waterfall.
  • Delve into the unique Karstic cloud forest of the Peñón, Santander. You will be able to know its caves and endemic and unique ecosystems even underground.
  • Be amazed when you get to know Guadalupe in Santander, a region of rivers and waterfalls of particular formations of slabs in complete stone. We will do short walks of 1 to 3 hours and you will be able to bathe in the slabs, here holes are formed that look like small pools, like the ones that form in the Gachas ravine.


4 days


All year


Basic rural and town hotels, simple but clean..
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