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The Lost City Trek

The Lost City Trek Teyuna: Expedition to The Sacred Land of Tayrona Culture Join us in one of the most famous trekking expeditions that can be done in Colombia! This is a 4 days trekking tour that takes us to … Read More

Trekking into the Jungles of East Antioquia

Trekking into the Jungles of East Antioquia Discovering Less Explored Jungles Colombia’s biodiversity can equal to 20% of the planet’s total Dare yourself to explore the incredible jungles of the east of Antioquia, which just two hours away from its … Read More

Hot Springs Trekking Trip

Hot Springs Trekking Trip An Adventure to Cross the Natural Park Los Nevados Colombia is the country with the largest number of bird species More than 1,800! This excursion is a magic four-day trek that starts at the Cocora Valley, … Read More

Santa Isabel Trekking

Santa Isabel Trekking. Hike to one of the Last Snowed Peaks in Colombia From the mountain ecosystem, Páramo, something unique in the world of countries close to Earth’s equator Colombia owns more than 60% of the total of the moors … Read More

Cocuy and its majestic geography

COCUY AND ITS MAJESTIC GEOGRAPHY Colombia has the tallest mountain in the world with respect to its location at sea level, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. El Cocuy National Park is located in the western mountain range of the Colombian … Read More